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Quebec City, Quebec, July 16, 2019 – Opsens Inc. (“Opsens” or the “Company”) (TSX:OPS) (OTCQX:OPSSF) today announced that Opsens Solutions Inc. (“Opsens Solutions”), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has received an order for more than a hundred fiber optic sensors and systems, to be deployed in a new dewatering process of oil sands tailings.

The order was placed by ElectroKinetic Solutions, a company that has developed an innovative process which allows large volumes of tailing deposits to be dewatered rapidly with substantially lower energy requirements than conventional processes.  Opsens Solutions will provide fiber optic monitoring systems and sensors that will optimize the dewatering operations to prevent negative impacts on the environment.

“Our fiber optic technology can be adapted to measure various parameters in the most difficult conditions to deliver significant benefits in terms of process optimization and risk reduction to the environment and health, which are compelling sales arguments for many industries,” said Gaétan Duplain, President of Opsens Solutions.

“Our current focus is on resolving perhaps one of the most challenging needs in the oil sands industry; namely rapidly dewatering oil sands tailings. These tailings include the large inventory of fine fluid tailings that have been produced over the last 30 years by Alberta’s oil sands industry, plus new fresh tailings that are continuing to be produced daily. Opsens Solutions’ fiber optic technology will help us achieve our goals in that matter,” said Jim Micak, CEO of ElectroKinetic Solutions.

About Opsens Inc. (www.opsens.com)

Opsens focuses mainly on physiological measurements, such as FFR and dPR in interventional cardiology. Opsens offers an advanced optical-based pressure guidewire that aims at improving the clinical outcome of patients with coronary artery disease. Its flagship product, the OptoWire, is a second-generation fiber optic pressure guidewire designed to provide the lowest drift in the industry and excellent lesions access. The OptoWire has been used in the diagnosis and treatment of over 70,000 patients in more than 30 countries. It is approved for sale in the United States, European Union, Japan, and Canada.

Opsens, through its subsidiary Opsens Solutions (www.opsens-solutions.com), is also involved in industrial activities in developing, manufacturing and installing innovative fibre optic sensing solutions for critical applications.

About ElectroKinetic Solutions

ElectroKinetic Solutions, a sustainable technology company, has developed the ElectroKinetic Solutions – Dewatering Technology (EKS-DT). This innovative technology is applicable to a wide range of industrial situations where difficult-to-dewater slurries, sludges and unstable clay soil conditions are present. EKS-DT is particularly well suited to dewatering the fine fluid tailings produced during the extraction of bitumen from oil sand. Extensive research has shown that EKS-DT is energy efficient and cost competitive.

Electrokinetic Solutions receives funding and support from Alberta Innovates and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). Alberta Innovates provides support to businesses like ElectroKinetic Solutions working in cleantech.  SDTC helps Canadian entrepreneurs accelerate the development and deployment of globally competitive clean technology solutions.


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