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Media Coverage 2020

2020-04-29 How is OpSens improving cardiovascular disease treatment? Read more
2020-02-20 Radio Canada - L'émission Découverte fait un reportage sur le TAVI - in French only Read more

Media Coverage 2019

2019-11-04 The World Show Read more
2019-05-24 How to crush the biotech market - Segment on OPS beteen the 6th and 7th minute Read more
2019-04-05 BioPub Opsens Webcast April 5. 2019 Read more
2019-02-13 Taking a “measured” risk: how Opsens broke into the medical industry Read more

Media Coverage 2018

2018-01-16 Opsens has 117% upside, says Paradigm Capital Read more

Media Coverage 2016

2016-10-31 Les affaires Read more
2016-04-11 Le Soleil - Que débute la production pour Opsens! Read more
2016-02-18 Louis Laflamme, entrevue André Arthur Read more
2016-02-08 Le Soleil - Finalistes Prix Rayonnement Hors Québec Read more

Media Coverage 2015

2015-11-30 LE JAPON S’OUVRE POUR OPSENS Read more
2015-11-13 Cantech - Opsens getting support from key opinion leaders, says M Partners Read more
2015-10-19 La Presse+ - Avec l'aide de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas Read more
2015-07-01 DAIC - New Players, Technology Enter FFR Market Read more
2015-06-26 LeSoleil - Opsens entend créer 50 emplois Read more
2015-06-20 Les Affaires - Louis Laflamme : Le travaillant Read more
2015-06-16 LeSoleil - Opsens pourra vendre sa technologie aux États-Unis Read more
2015-06-15 Cantech - A Regulatory Hat-Trick: Opsens OptoWire Cleared for Sale in Japan, Europe, and now U.S Read more
2015-04-23 LeSoleil - Hausse de 105 % des résultats au deuxième trimestre pour Opsens Read more
2015-02-23 The Northern Miner - Opsens touts large order from South American copper mine Read more
2015-01-09 LeSoleil - Contrat de 1 million $ pour Opsens Read more

Media Coverage 2014

2014-11-19 LeSoleil - Les portes de l'Europe s'ouvrent à Opsens Read more
2014-11-05 Les Affaires - Opsens : amorce de suivi Read more
2014-10-14 La Presse - Portraits d'innovateurs : près des yeux, loin du coeur Read more
2014-10-03 LeSoleil - Percée au Japon pour Opsens Read more
2014-09-26 Cantech - Sensing An Opportunity: Opsens Poised To Enter Growing Cardiac Market Read more
2014-05-10 LeSoleil - Opsens fera des tests sur des humains Read more
2014-02-08 LeSoleil - L'or noir russe à la portée d'Opsens Read more

Media Coverage 2013

2013-01-09 FFR’s $2 billion market Read more
2015-03-23 Les Affaires - Opsens cible un nouveau marché porteur Read more

Media Coverage 2010

2010-03-29 The Government of Canada supports research and innovation in Québec, Opsens becomes a Canadian Innovation Leader. Read more
2010-02-27 Les affaires (magazine + web) – Des capteurs optiques à toute épreuve Read more
2010-02-02 Opsens named as one of TSX Venture 50 for 2010 Read more
2010-02-28 The Medical News – Abiomed integrates Opsens’ sensor technology into its Impella catheter Read more
2010-02-27 Boston Globe – Opsens – Abiomed Partnership Read more
2010-02-27 Mass Device – Abiomed, Opsens ink deal to integrate fiberoptics into the Impella Read more
2010-02-27 Diagnostic and Invasive Cardiology – New Blood Pressure Sensor Will be Installed on Percutaneous VAD Read more

Media Coverage 2009

2009-12-26 leSoleil – 5 companies to watch in 2010 – Opsens is one of them Read more
2009-11-26 A sensor to optimize SAGD exploitation Read more
2009-11-23 Capturing and storing CO2 Read more
2009-10-19 Web article about young companies bringing new technologies to the old O&G industry. Opsens is one of them. Read more
2009-10-16 TV interview with Pierre Carrier, President of Opsens – On s’investit, chaîne Argent, émission du 16 octobre 2009 Read more
2009-10-14 Article from Le Soleil (newspaper) also published on the web recounting the sale of 26 OPP-W sensors, by Opsens, to a major O&G producer from Alberta. Read more
2009-10-13 Web article from Rigzone recounting the sale of 26 OPP-W sensors, by Opsens, to a major O&G producer from Alberta Read more
2009-10-13 Web article from New Technology magazine recounting the sale of 26 OPP-W sensors, by Opsens, to a major O&G producer from Alberta Read more
2009-01-01 Article from New Technology Magazine recounting how monitoring pressure in addition to temperature in SAGD helps improve SAGD operations. To get a copy, request at NTM article. Read more

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