About OpSens

Fiber optic sensors manufacturer offering solutions for interventional cardiology Fractional Flow Reserve FFR, Oil and Gas and industrial applications.

Who we are

Corporate overview

Since 2003, OpSens has established itself as a pioneer of innovative fiber optic sensing technology  committed  to quality and excellence. We deliver cost-effective solutions to a variety of sectors, primarily medical, energy and industrial.

Our fundamental objective is to develop and manufacture products as well as tailor a wide range of services for individual industry requirements.

In December 2023, Haemonetics Corporation (NYSE: HAE), a global medical technology company focused on delivering innovative medical solutions to drive better patient outcomes completed its acquisition of OpSens. Haemonetics acquired all outstanding shares of OpSens. In connection with the closing of the transaction, OpSens’ common shares ceased trading in the public market and were delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange and withdrawn from the OTCQX.

Medical – With all our heart

OpSens Medical was founded on the belief that our innovative technologies will help improve cardiovascular disease treatment. Our unique Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) guidewire brings together a robust sensing technology and an advanced material construction, resulting in a tool that is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use; saving time and costs as well as improving the success rates in challenging peripheral and coronary interventions. OpSens’ significant competitive advantage comes from its innovative pressure guidewire design and its use of new technologies, which include OpSens’ proprietary miniature optical pressure sensing technology.

Energy – Grace under pressure

OpSens Solutions delivers a high-end fiber optic sensing solution to Oil & Gas producers, providing them with reliable real-time downhole pressure and temperature information about their oil wells during operation. OpSens’ strength is the ability to confidently control downhole pressure and temperature at high temperature for artificial lift systems such as electrical submersible pumps allowing operators to improve steam/oil ratios and to reduce operating and lifting costs.

Life Science & Industrial – Sensing your needs

OpSens supplies a wide range of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners for temperature, pressure, strain and deformation measurement based on proprietary patent and patent-pending technologies. Our sensors are known to provide long-term accuracy and reliability in the harshest environments. Our patent portfolio currently hold three (3) patents with an additional three (3) patents pending covering its products and technology provided to our markets securing OpSens in an unique position in the marketplace. With its patented technologies and highly recognized expertise, OpSens meets consumer needs in the Life Sciences, Energy, Defense & Aerospace, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Scientific Laboratory and many other markets.

OpSens continues to pursue robust growth through our own initiatives and key alliances with industry exemplary partners. Additionally, we will extend our presence into new markets and add selectively to our capabilities as we do so. We are committed to balancing R&D and investment in growth with return to our investors while continually improving our manufacturing process and expanding our technical expertise in order to meet the ever increasing demands of industry.

In every action we undertake, we will adhere to our guiding values; values that embody the spirit of our people and the quality of our products. They are the foundation of our commitment to excellence as well as our unceasing dedication to making a difference.